SurveyGizmo Marketing

  • Role: Art Director and Design Leader
  • Stakeholders: CEO, Director of Marketing, Marketing Manager
  • Reports: Marketing Designer, Marketing Developer
  • Summary: Lead the design effort on a brand new marketing direction to support a company wide shift in direction, product, and customer demographic.

Years ago, SurveyGizmo's core product began as a self-service web app geared to individual contributors (we call them DIY customers). Up until recently, that was still a dominant force in our customer base and decision making.

Those DIY customers would use SurveyGizmo for a wide variety of projects, but still had a great many things in common:

  • Respond well to a simple marketing site and funnel
  • Feature focused
  • Appreciated whimsey and fun

Through the years, SurveyGizmo was able to hone in on these people's needs and turn them into customers with a 7-day trial focus on the marketing site, feature focused plan comparisons, and fun robot mascots.

The Robots

The Robots

For the last decade, robots have had a central place in our company culture - staring in posters and cookbooks. In 2014, we rolled an updated version of the robots out as our public brand. These cute robots lived in an idyllic pastel world of rolling hills and steampunk airships.

The robots served us well for years: They reflected SurveyGizmo's approachable culture, DIY customers connected with the fun branding, and it differentiated us from our more buttoned up customers.

Iterations of SurveyGizmo's marketing page always had a bright, whimsical appearance.

Changing Customers

After two years of whimsical robots, we began to more aggressively sell into large enterprises. Through conversations and observation with our highest value customers, we found that they were different from our DIY customers in many ways, but one that had a large effect on the success of our brand:

The visitor to our website, purchaser, decision maker, and application users were often different people.

This was a marked shift from a company that was used to having one person who would sign up for a trial, conduct surveys, and then pay their invoice via credit card. Since each member of the sales funnel may be a different person, facilitating positive communication among decision makers is vital. Our brand caused doubt at each step; undermining our own sales process.

The Work

My team for this project consisted of a marketing designer, front end developer and myself. The three of us worked to formulate a completely new brand strategy for oriented to enterprise.

Goals at this stage were selecting colors, typefaces and guidelines which were clean, professional and accessible. During this stage we iterated with dozens of different type combos, and tested all type to make sure it met WCAG guidelines for contrast.

The Results

By focusing our brand to talk more about Business, Solutions, and Results, we turned around our brand perception. With the changes to our website, marketing funnel, and sales processes, we were able to grow our enterprise sales immensely.

It has been two years since we rolled out the first iterations of our brand to customers. When we began, enterprise accounts made up a small fraction of our revenue, and now they make up the vast majority. The release of this caused measurable, immediate and sustained changes to behavior which resulted in increased overall revenue and growth.